Q: How do I get to Hokkaido? Do I need to get a car?

    A: Hokkaido is easily accessed by Shinchitose International Airport. From your arrival at Shinchitose airport until you leave Japan, all transportation will be provided.

Q: How should I pay for the tour?

    A: Please pay the full cost of the tour upon your arrival in cash, preferably Japanese yen. Please understand that payments in either dollars or euro will be subject to exchange fees.

Q: What kinds of tours are available?

    • A: In winter, we offer both powder ski tours and backcountry tours. Powder ski tours involve using the resort gondola or chair lift to enjoy successive runs on off-piste (side-country) powder areas. Off-piste skiing or backcountry touring involves leaving the convenience of the lifts at the resort and going into the backcountry to find the pristine untouched slopes; the untracked beauty of Hokkaido.


    • Hokkaido also offers great ice climbing. Tours include easy access to frozen waterfalls close to parking. Experienced climbers will be guided to steeper and more diverse areas. Ice climbing can also be added to ski tours as an option.


    In summer, Hokkaido holds many great hikes in mountains such as ( The Taisetsu Range, Mt. Asahidake, The Hidaka Mountains) . Staying in mountain huts or tents is the best way to fully appreciate these tours. The huts are unattended so hikers are responsible for all their food and other personal preparations. Necessary food and tents for multiple night tours will be prepared by TAKT.

Q: What do I need to bring?

    A: Of course, bring skis or a snowboard. For mountain safety please bring an avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe. In order to climb, either skins or snowshoes and a sturdy pack are needed. On steep ascents, (like Mt. Rishiri) it may be necessary to carry crampons and an ice axe as well.

Q: What is the maximum number of people for one tour?

    A: There are up to 6 guests per guide. If there are more than 6 guests, an additional guide will accompany the group.

Q: Can you recommend a tour?

    A: Sure. Just tell us what kind of tour you are looking for by letting us know the number of days you plan to stay and the number of days you’d like to ski or snowboard and we will construct a plan for you. We can also provide tours that have not been listed on the website. For example, it is possible to have a tour including Mt. Fuji, Tateyama, and Mt. Hakuba although there is no set plan shown on the site. Feel free to inquire.

Q: What is included in the price of the tour?

    • A: The price of the tour includes the guide fee, accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, a two day lift or ropeway ticket, and meals (breakfast and dinner). Meals are not provided on the days you arrive and leave Japan. Lunch, food for hikes, alcohol, and rental fees (fat skis, avalanche beacons, shovels, avalanche probes, and backpacks) are also not included. Insurance is also the responsibility of the guest.


    The best time to enjoy powder skiing in Hokkaido is from January to March. We have chosen the three best areas for powder snow in Hokkaido and put together three 8-day tours. Mountains in other parts of Japan, such as Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tateyama, and the Hakuba area are best in April and May. On each and every day of the tour you will more than likely be in deep powder devoid of crowds and tracks. Accommodations are chosen to provide a unique cultural experience. Your stay at a traditional hot spring hotel will introduce authentic Japanese food and possible get a chance to know the local skiers. We feel enjoying a unique and memorable cultural experience is no small part of your trip to Japan.