We are a mountain guide company based in Hokkaido, Japan offering year-round, alpine tours.Our name, TAKT, is the German word for a conductor’s baton. It stands for our dedication to coordinating the changing natural environment and seasons with the needs of our guests. Like a conductor conducting different elements of an orchestra, it is our aim to conduct alpine tours that balance all the elements involved in order to provide an unforgettable, harmonic experience.




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– In Hokkaido - Niseko Mountains Mt. Yotei The Furano Mountain Range Mt. Rishiri Mt. Asahidake Shiretoko Peninsula Mountain Range among others. – Other Areas in Japan - Mt. Fuji The Japan Alps (Mt. Yarigatake, Mt. Tsurigidake) Mt. Hakuba Mt. Yatsugadake Yakushima.


1. Tours Include:

  • Certified JGMA guide (Japan Mountain Guide Association).
  • Born and raised in Hokkaido your guide has a wealth of local knowledge and will get you to the best lines possible.
  • Throughout your 7 day stay you will get to know the Japanese way of life and have a unique cultural experience including charming inns, luxurious hot springs, and authentic cuisine..

2. Overview:

  • Utilizing major resorts and numerous mountain areas, this plan is designed to offer the very best of Hokkaido backcountry skiing. Some of the main mountain areas of Hokkaido are Central Hokkaido (Niseko, Kiroro, and Rusustsu), Taisetsuzan (Asahidake and Kurodake), and Tokachi (Furanodake, Maetokachidake, Sandanyama).
  • Hokkaido is the northernmost island of Japan. Its geographical location and cold temperatures bring daily snowfall and as a result the light, dry snow of Hokkaido is extremely popular. There are tree-runs through coniferous forests, lines down active volcanoes, and low elevation mountains when bad weather prohibits hiking to higher slopes. Hokkaido has it all.

Tour Period: January to March
Required Skill Level of Participants: Skinning experience At least, intermediate skiing ability
Guide to Guest Ratio: 1 guide for every 5 guests. If there are more than 5 guests an additional guide will be provided.
Powder Snow Season: January, February, and March though there are days with icy slopes and rain.

Location : Furano in HOKKAIDO

3. Tour Outline:

★ Backcountry is:
Skinning up from the base of mountains without lifts to find untouched slopes to ski down. Estimated hikes are about 2 to 4 hours to slopes that can be yo-yoed or if the conditions allow, maybe a climb to the peak.

★ Side-country is:
Using resort lifts to access the best slopes within range, a combination of skinning and gondolas are used with a priority on maximizing the number of runs.

These two approaches are used on the 7 day tour depending on weather conditions and other variables.

4. Details:

1. Gear you need:

  • Your own skis (fat skis longer than 95 centimeters from the center of the skis are recommended for powder snow).
  • Ski boots, skins, ski crampons, and poles.
  • Avalanche gear (beacon, shovel, and probe)
  • Backpack that can carry skis (Replacement gas can be difficult to find in Japan so you should have your avalanche airbag systems ready prior to arrival in Japan.)

2. Gear you may rent

  • Avalanche gear (beacon, shovel, and probe) Yen 2,000 per day
  • Backpack Yen 1,000 per day
  • Renting skis and boots is possible, but due to limited sizes and the difficulty in finding proper fit, not recommended. If you do need to rent skis and boots let us know you’re your boot and preferred ski size before coming to Japan.
  • Skis, boots, and skins (set) Yen 5,000

5. Accommodations:

Lodging will be booked in accordance with your price preference. TAKT tours usually stay at Japanese style inns where 2 to 4 guests share a tatami floor room. The typical cost for an inn is Yen 12,000 to Yen 15,000, but if you prefer, a lodge or pension style accommodation can be arranged for slightly less. These pensions and lodges may have a bath unit but there is no hot spring. However, a trip to a nearby hot spring could be arranged. Accommodations for the last day of the tour in Sapporo are at a city hotel where a single or twin room will be reserved.

6. Weather and Snow Conditions:

The mountain chosen for any particular day will certainly be influenced by the weather and snow conditions. Lift tickets are best purchased on the day at the ski area. (The price of the guide’s ticket can be paid by either cash or credit card.)

7. Precautions and Compliance:

TAKT tours are not under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Travel Agency Act. Prior to the start of the tour participants are required to have travel insurance with coverage of accidents and rescue in mountainous areas in order to participate. Please understand that traveling by car is only covered by mandatory automobile liability insurance. Please be aware that in cases where weather conditions and other circumstances beyond human control cause changes to or cancellation of plans the understanding and compliance of the guest will be required.

8. Application Process:

  1. Inquire or apply through the website
  2. Determine the dates and details of the tour through E-mail.
  3. After the tour schedule has been made reserve a guide for the dates ‘ At this point the application is
  4. official and a 10% deposit for each guest is required.
  5. Deposits can be paid by International Money Order or Paypal. (Deposits are non-refundable)
  6. The balance must be paid prior to arrival in Japan.
  7. Accommodation fees and lift ticket fees should be paid in cash or by credit card on the appointed day during the tour.

9. Cancellation:

If there is a cancellation 10 to 30 days before the start date, 50% of the total fee is due. For cancellations 3 to 10 days prior to the start date, 70% of the total fee is due. If there is a cancellation within 3 days of the start date, the total cost of the tour must be paid.


7 Day Backcountry Ski Tour in HOKKAIDO TOUR FORMATCustom Tours – Tailor-made tours with the number of days and areas chosen by the guest are available. – Set Tours – Pre-planned tours can be enjoyed by either individuals or groups. Contact us for more information. – Winter season – Off-piste skiing, ski touring, and powder skiing, ice climbing – Summer season – Mountain climbing, trekking, rock climbing, and gorge climbing.

1Day. 1Day + Plus . Backcountry Ski tour in Hokkaido.

7 Day Backcountry Ski Tour in HOKKAIDO

Location : Mt.Youtei in Niseko

1. Price:

  • 1 person Yen
  • 2 people Yen per person
  • 3 people Yen  per person
  • 4 -5 people Yen  per person
  • 5 people Yen  per person

If there are 6 or more people in a party 2 guides will be provided and the fees will vary. Please inquire for those fees.

★Fees include: Guide’s fees
★Fees don’t include: Accommodation, food, lift tickets and transportation to and from airport *Airport pick-up and drop-offs can be arranged for a separate fee of Yen10,000. 7 guest maximum.

2.Tour Schedule:

Day 1 Pick up at Sapporo hotel at 7:30. Use the gondola at either Kiroro Resort or Kokusai Ski Grounds to enjoy side-country skiing. After that warm-up travel by car to the countryside town of Makkari to spend the night at the foot of Mt. Yotei.

Day 2 Mt. Yotei backcountry tour. Mt. Yotei is the tallest lone mountain in Hokkaido and has over 1000 meters of elevation change offering open faces and tree runs. After the tour, drive to Niseko and spend the night.

Day 3 Either a backcountry or side-country tour and another night in nearby Niseko.

Day 4 Enjoy Sightseeing or a half day tour. After lunch, a 5 hour drive to Furano and stay at Tokachidake Onsen.

Day 5 Backcountry tour at either Furanodake, Maetokachi, or Sandanyama areas and stay another night at Tokachcidake Onsen.

Day 6 A side-country tour using the ropeway at Asahidake Ski ground.

Day 7 Enjoy the last day with a backcountry tour around the Kiroro Resort or Sapporo Kokusai Ski Grounds and return transportation to Sapporo hotel for the last night.

1Day. 1Day + Plus ”Backcountry Ski tour in Hokkaido.”

Location : Mt.ASAHIDAKE

1. Price:

  • 1 person Yen 50.000
  • 2 people Yen 25,000 per person
  • 3 people Yen 17,000 per person
  • 4 /5 people Yen 15,000 per person

If there are 6 or more people in a party 2 guides will be provided and the fees will vary. Please inquire for those fees.

★Fees include: Guide’s fees
★Fees don’t include: Accommodation, food, lift tickets and transportation to and from airport *Airport * hotels pick-up and drop-offs can be arranged for a separate fee of Yen10,000. 7 guest maximum.

2.Tour Schedule:

1Day tour : We can decide our meeting point/time in advance accordingly to tour needs. We will travel to the trailhead / ski resort to start our tour. After our tour. we can enjoy local onsen(hot spring) to relax our tired muscles. I can drop you off at a place of your choice ( within reason) at the end of the day.

1 +Days tour: If you would like to spend more days. we can arrange a longer tour . Similarly to the 1 Day tour.we will discuss our meeting point /time in advance. I can pick you up at the airport if you want .or at your hotels . Tour can be extended up to 7 days and like the 1 days tour. I will drop you off at the end of tour.

GUIDE : Yasuko Kikuchi

JMGA Affiliate (Japan Mountain Guides Association)

Yasu was born in Kitami city in east Hokkaido . She grew up loving outdoor sports, skiing, and mountain climbing. She now lives in Sapporo and has been a guide for the last 15 years. She has accumulated vast experience mountaineering in both Japan and abroad. She has served on the Canadian Ski Patrol and has a wealth of experience skiing, rock climbing, and mountain climbing all over the world including Europe, North America, and Nepal. She prides herself on her skill and experience rock climbing during the summer and backcountry skiing in the winter months. She has climbed Mt. McKinley in the U.S., Mt. Manaslu8163M and Mt. Ama-Dablam, in Nepal,The Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Chamonix, in Europe and Insubong in Korea.


Q: How do I get to Hokkaido? Do I need to get a car?

A: Hokkaido is easily accessed by Shinchitose International Airport. From your arrival at Shinchitose airport until you leave Japan, all transportation will be provided.

Q: How should I pay for the tour?

A: Please pay the full cost of the tour upon your arrival in cash, preferably Japanese yen. Please understand that payments in either dollars or euro will be subject to exchange fees.

Q: What kinds of tours are available?

A: In winter, we offer both powder ski tours and backcountry tours. Powder ski tours involve using the resort gondola or chair lift to enjoy successive runs on off-piste (side-country) powder areas. Off-piste skiing or backcountry touring involves leaving the convenience of the lifts at the resort and going into the backcountry to find the pristine untouched slopes; the untracked beauty of Hokkaido.

Hokkaido also offers great ice climbing. Tours include easy access to frozen waterfalls close to parking. Experienced climbers will be guided to steeper and more diverse areas. Ice climbing can also be added to ski tours as an option.

In summer, Hokkaido holds many great hikes in mountains such as ( The Taisetsu Range, Mt. Asahidake, The Hidaka Mountains) . Staying in mountain huts or tents is the best way to fully appreciate these tours. The huts are unattended so hikers are responsible for all their food and other personal preparations. Necessary food and tents for multiple night tours will be prepared by TAKT.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Of course, bring skis or a snowboard. For mountain safety please bring an avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe. In order to climb, either skins or snowshoes and a sturdy pack are needed. On steep ascents, (like Mt. Rishiri) it may be necessary to carry crampons and an ice axe as well.

Q: What is the maximum number of people for one tour?

A: There are up to 6 guests per guide. If there are more than 6 guests, an additional guide will accompany the group.

Q: Can you recommend a tour?

A: Sure. Just tell us what kind of tour you are looking for by letting us know the number of days you plan to stay and the number of days you’d like to ski or snowboard and we will construct a plan for you. We can also provide tours that have not been listed on the website. For example, it is possible to have a tour including Mt. Fuji, Tateyama, and Mt. Hakuba although there is no set plan shown on the site. Feel free to inquire.

Q: What is included in the price of the tour?

A: The price of the tour includes the guide fee, accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, a two day lift or ropeway ticket, and meals (breakfast and dinner). Meals are not provided on the days you arrive and leave Japan. Lunch, food for hikes, alcohol, and rental fees (fat skis, avalanche beacons, shovels, avalanche probes, and backpacks) are also not included. Insurance is also the responsibility of the guest.

The best time to enjoy powder skiing in Hokkaido is from January to March. We have chosen the three best areas for powder snow in Hokkaido and put together three 8-day tours. Mountains in other parts of Japan, such as Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tateyama, and the Hakuba area are best in April and May. On each and every day of the tour you will more than likely be in deep powder devoid of crowds and tracks. Accommodations are chosen to provide a unique cultural experience. Your stay at a traditional hot spring hotel will introduce authentic Japanese food and possible get a chance to know the local skiers. We feel enjoying a unique and memorable cultural experience is no small part of your trip to Japan.